Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800

Most people like to build PC by themselves; However, some people prefer to buy a prebuilt PC — Suppose you are among one of them and looking for the best-prebuilt Gaming PC under $800. Then, you are in the right place; Therefore, in this topic, we have rounded up an exhaustive list of the 5 Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800.

At a Glance:

When there is a shortage of high-quality graphics cards in online and offline markets, you should look for a prebuilt gaming PC with at least an average quality graphics card inside. It also saves a lot of your time and money.

Did you ever wonder why Apple MacBooks are so much famous despite being expensive? — Because, Brand name matters a lot than you think. Apple is renowned for exporting quality products; Similarly, some prominent prebuilt gaming PC vendors provide noticeable quality. SkyTech is the most boost and quality prebuilt Gaming PC seller of this era.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800, Prebuilt gaming PC vendors consider providing the best combo of CPU, GPU, and RAM so that you do not have to change any of its parts in the future. Furthermore, you may see excellent discounts on components when prebuilt PC seller companies provide them.

We strongly suggest you read Buying Guides of Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800 before buying any Gaming PC. It will ultimately help you choose the best and premium quality Gaming PC that fits your desires; Moreover, it also allows you to pick a suitable Gaming PC under $800.

Our Recommendations Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800

Best PickSkyTech Chronos Mini
Check Price
Staff PickHP Pavilion Gaming Desktop
Check Price
Budget PickSkytech Shadow Gaming Computer PC
Check Price
SkyTech Blaze II Gaming PC
Check Price
CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC
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SkyTech Chronos Mini

Best Pick

SkyTech Chronos Mini is the most potent gaming beast among other Gaming PCs. This is Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800 Gaming PC comes with a lot of features. Unfortunately, you rarely see those features in this price tag.

It is a suitable Gaming PC for low-budget buyers; Indeed, Its RGB lights are more than extraordinary. Its case is also fantastic in look and quality both. The front design of SkyTech Chronos Mini is also attractive.

Along with Gaming features, It is also suitable for other things like Programming, Graphics Designing, and Video Editing. Moreover, it is considered one of the best-prebuilt gaming PCs because of its price and its combo of CPU and GPU.

SkyTech, the quality product master, also provides a prolonging warranty for this gaming beast. SkyTech is mainly known for its quality prebuilt PCs. However, despite being high in name and quality, It asks fair money from buyers for its products.


Processor(CPU) — SkyTech Chronos Mini comes with AMD Ryzen 3 3100 processor. It is average in performance, and the combination of GPU and RAM boosts its performance. Overall, This processor is manageable for typical gaming performance.

GPU — Indeed, GPU is what every gamer must look for in a Gaming PC — SkyTech Chronos Mini comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. This GPU is mainly known as the best Graphics Card for average budget buyers. This GPU will provide enough performance to maintain your PC speed and run your games flawlessly.

RAM — In terms of RAM, there is a drawback of this Gaming PC. It has only 8GB of RAM; Moreover, It is not much for a Gamer who wants to play GTA V or CyberPunk 2077. Nevertheless, the Average gamer can easily manage this amount of RAM.

Storage — It’s a good option in terms of storage. It has 500GB of SSD storage; Fortunately, You can now store your games and run them without waiting more on Loading Screen.

Motherboard and other Components — It has many features, and the motherboard, used to connect all hardware, is prominent. All of the Internet Connectivity options are new, upgraded, and well constructed.

CPU Case — Indeed, Its CPU case is more than excellent because it has a great look of RGB lights. So it fulfills gamers’ dreams. It looks cooler during the night, and you’ll enjoy its RGB Fan.

Warranty — SkyTech is offering one year of manageable warranty for this masterpiece. If you agree to this gaming beast in this amount of guarantee, you can go for it.

Core Feature:

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU and 500GB SSD storage make it suitable for normal budget users.


  • Its RGB lights case gives it an excellent look.
  • SkyTech also offers one year of warranty for this product.
  • Its GPU is quite impressive, and you’ll have a PC with zero lag if you buy it.
  • It is customary in price and high in quality.


  • Its CPU is not enough for handling High-Quality Games and processes.
  • 8GB of RAM is also not manageable for high-end gamers.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

Staff Pick

Everyone, even children, knows the name HP and must have used its products. Similarly, HP’s Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800 prebuilt gaming PCs are also available in premium quality. On the other hand, HP Pavillion Gaming Desktop is made for low-budget Gamers who want to enjoy high-end games.

Despite being cheap in money, HP doesn’t play with the quality of its products. HP provides almost every spec in HP Pavillion Gaming Desktop that should be available in this price range.

Although HP Pavillion Gaming Desktop is not available in transparent-sided RGB lights, it can beat most of SkyTech’s prebuilt Gaming PCs. In addition, storage and RAM options are good and easily manageable in this price range.

Overall, HP Pavilion is a good option if your budget is not much high. You can run average graphics games on it without any difficulty; However, If you want to run games requiring high graphics, RAM, and CPU support, you can seek other Gaming PCs on our list.


Processor(CPU) — If we talk about HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, it is not high for high-end games. It is packed with an Intel Core i3 10100 processor. It is not much for streamers and designers; However, It is a good option for newbie gamers.

GPU — HP does not break the flow of GPU and provides NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 for this Gaming PC; Likely, It will help you move your gamer characters without seeing a pixelated performance.

RAM — Same as SkyTech Chronos Mini, HP Pavilion Gaming PC comes with 8GB of RAM. You can easily play regular games and use 4-5 Chrome Tabs at a time.

Storage — It’s a good option for storage; it provides 500GB of SSD storage. It is not usually seen in this price range except this Gaming PC.

Motherboard and other Components — The motherboard quality of the HP Pavilion Gaming PC is also better than expected. Connectivity options are also excellent and well-fixed. You will see Wi-Fi, ethernet, and Bluetooth on this Gaming PC’s motherboard.

CPU Case — Unfortunately, You think that its case is also RGB. But you will not have an RGB case on this Gaming PC. If you are not an RGB lights lover, so you can quickly go with this option.

Warranty — HP provides approximately one year of warranty with this Gaming Box. It’s likely a good time in this price range.

Core Feature:

It is made explicitly for low-budget gamers and newbies who want to start their gaming careers.


  • Despite being cheap, It provides the best and competitive quality.
  • It provides NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, and it is overwhelming in this price range.
  • You will have around 500GB of SSD Storage if you are going to buy this.
  • It also provides one year of warranty which is more than enough.


  • Core i3 Processor is not much efficient for providing lag-free gaming performance.
  • You will have no RGB case if you are planning to buy this.

Skytech Shadow Gaming Computer PC

Budget Pick

SkyTech Shadow Gaming Computer is very famous among new generation gamers. It provides ultimate help to gamers to enjoy their games without any lag, freeze, heating difficulty.

This Gaming beast is primarily renowned for storing more games and loading them fast due to SSD storage. As you know that SkyTech always uses quality materials for providing them to buyers.

SkyTech also offers a contract for SkyTech Shadow Gaming PC. So you can return it if you have verified any built-in problem or defect. It also provides a high generation CPU and hot Graphics Card so that you can enjoy your games without wasting any time.

If you have enough money to buy and you also want to store many games, you can go for SkyTech Shadow Gaming Computer.


Processor(CPU) — SkyTech Gaming Shadow PC is mainly renowned for its processor. It comes with an Intel Core i7 9700K processor. This processor can bear all your processes within a second.

GPU — If you think there will be a cheap and low quality with such a high-quality processor, you are wrong. SkyTech Gaming Shadow PC comes with GTX 1660 6G GPU, which is remarkable for its performance and potential to run games smoothly.

RAM — Here comes the truth, It only provides 8GB of RAM despite being high in price. Nevertheless, Average gamers can easily manage this.

Storage — Like other Gaming PCs Storage options, this one also provides 500GB of SSD storage. Not only your games’ performance but also it will help you to boost your Boot time.

Motherboard and other Components — It is pretty favorable when it comes to motherboard quality. It provides a B365M Motherboard, and it is a good option for gamers. It also has many other components, like it has three RGB Rings Fans and all connectivity options. It has a fast ethernet port, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth option to connect your RGB headphones wirelessly.

CPU Case — Its CPU case is very cool always loved by gamers. Three RGB Rings fans at the top also make it calm for streamers. One of its sides is transparent, so it is also a great option than you think.

Warranty — SkyTech, as always, provides almost one year of warranty for this diamond Gaming PC. According to the buyers’ reviews, It doesn’t require to be returned and fixed as top-quality.

Core Feature:

It is very high in performance as there is an Intel i7 9700K processor.


  • It is high in price. But, it provides a GTX 1660 6G graphics card, which will ultimately cover all of your graphics need.
  • Three RGB Rings Fans are enough to cool down your processor not only in challenging conditions but also during overclocking.
  • It has around 500 Gb of SSD Storage that will utterly help you to load your programs faster.
  • RGB lights with a one-sided transparent case also make it perfect for gamers.


  • If your budget is low, so you can’t buy this as it is costly.
  • Only 8GB of RAM is provided on this gaming beast; However, You can extend them.

SkyTech Blaze II Gaming PC

SkyTech Blaze II is also cheap, and low-budget users can quickly go for this Gaming PC as it provides incredible components at such a low price. It is also a better option for average Gaming Performance.

In addition to it, You can enjoy high FPS games on low FPS. Its Graphics Card is also ready for bearing our Gaming Display Processing. The most vital thing, the processor, is also fitted inside of excellent quality, and it can also be overclocked if you want to.

Like Skytech Gaming Shadow PC, It also supports much more storage than your expectations; Hence, you can play your favorites without seeing the Drive(C:) out of storage. It also helps you to store a lot of games at once and not on the cloud too.

SkyTech also offers a long time of warranty. So you do not need to worry about its warranty, and it is an excellent option to return your PC for fixing if you find any problem in your PC or If your PC components are not working well.


Processor(CPU) — If you are also looking for a Ryzen processor Gaming PC, here is the one. SkyTech Blaze II gaming PC has Ryzen 5 2600 processor inside. It is also a standard processor in this price range, and it can also cover all your processing needs.

GPU — If you also want a GTX 1660 6G on this Gaming PC, you can quickly go for this. SkyTech is providing GTX 1660 6G on this machine. It is more than enough to support your high-end games.

RAM — Unfortunately, It also has 8GB of RAM only. This amount of RAM is adequate for low-budget users, not for high-end gamers.

Storage — It has 500GB of SSD storage, and you can quickly go for it if it is sufficient for you. You can save a lot of games in your drives and load it faster without any trouble.

Motherboard and other Components — Its motherboard quality is also superb. It has a motherboard, named A320M Motherboard, which is mainly known for its performance and warranty for better understanding. You will also have all connectivity options: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. You will also see three RGB Rings Fans that look awesome during the night. It also helps your processor to work more fastly.

CPU Case — Do you know any gamer who does not like RGB lights? No? — It has the most important for gamers just after Graphics Card. Three RGB Ring Fans also make it overwhelming and incredible for programmers too. One-side transparency is also a great feature of this gaming machine.

Warranty — You will have around one year of warranty for SkyTech Blaze II Gaming PC by SkyTech. As you know, all of our Gaming Machines are from SkyTech, because they never compromise with product quality despite being cheap.

Core Feature:

Ryzen 5 2600 processor is the key feature you are looking for because it will support your PC to run multiple games at a time.


  • It has around 500GB of SSD, so you can easily enjoy your games and 4K movies.
  • The GTX 160 6G graphics card will also respect your money and never make you feel sad about Graphics Quality.
  • Ryzen 5 2600 will process multiple threads simultaneously and never freeze your PC during an exciting match with your friend.
  • Its three RGB Rings lights are also a great and cool feature.


  • If your budget is not high, so this Gaming machine is not suitable for you.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC is the best-prebuilt gaming PC on our list. Though it is a bit high in price, it provides almost every feature at the top.

You will have a high-generation processor. That will ultimately support your PC to run fast and process your games quickly; significantly, you won’t be frozen on the loading screen more if you have chosen this to buy. You will also have a graphics card that will make your display awesome, and you can enjoy mining Bitcoin smoothly.

It has an exceptional and damn-looking RGB case that makes it attractive to most gamers like you. Its RGB Fans also look fantastic during the night. So, finally, here’s a good choice for Programmer and Gamers both.

CYBERPOWERPC supports a warranty on this Gaming CPU, and it also leaves a green sign as it is a new brand, and relying on it might be hard for Gamers.


Processor(CPU) — The new brand, CYBERPOWERPC, is the most rated brand of 2020. CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme Vr Gaming comes with a Core i5 processor. It is enough and manageable for high-end and newbie gamers.

GPU — If you love Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 6G graphics card, this Gaming PC is for you. This graphics card can solve all your graphics problems. You will not see blurry faces while playing GTA V, or your PC will not free while opening CyberPunk 2077 for the first time.

RAM — It has 8GB of DDR4 RAM. It is not enough when you pay a lot; However, other nifty features make this flaw hidden. It is also a good option if you do not use much RAM.

Storage — It also has 500GB of SSD, and it is pretty noticeable. CYBERPOWERPC must provide at least 500GB SSD as its RAM is not much more.; Moreover, You can do a lot of good things with this storage.

Motherboard and other Components — Motherboards are an essential thing that you must know about this gaming box. Its motherboard supports almost every latest technology. So if you are planning to upgrade your PC in the future, you can easily do it. It also has a lot of connectivity options like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It has around four RGB Rings lights.

CPU Case — CYBERPOWERPC Xtreme Gaming PC is magnificent because of its Glass tempered side. Four RGB Ring Lights also make it attractive and calm. The quality of the CPU case is also quite sensible and premium.

Warranty — If you are looking for around one year warranty for this Gaming Beast, then you have around one year of Warranty on this Gaming Beast. CYBERPOWERPC is a new brand in the market, and relying on it is risky, so they provided full support.

Core Feature:

It uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6G graphics card, and it is very noticeable in this price range.


  • It provides 500GB of SSD Storage, and it is much more for newbie gamers.
  • Core i5 processor will also help you to boost your gaming skills by giving exceptional performance.
  • One year of warranty is given for this product by CYBERPOWERPC.
  • RGB Gaming case with four RGB Rings Fans is incredible in look. You can expect this in this price range.


  • Despite being costly, It provides only 8GB of RAM, which can not fulfill high-end gamers’ needs.

Quick Shopping Tips

Here are some buying guides that you should follow; Consequently, you won’t end up wasting both your time and money.

CPU Processor:

The first thing, which affects overall gaming performance a lot, is premium quality and modern processor. Choosing a high-quality processor PC is the same as selecting a lag-free gaming PC. While buying a Gaming PC, Gamers’ first preference is its processor and its compatibility. A high-quality premium processor supports you to boost your PC performance and provide smooth gameplay.

Most gamers have this question: “Which processor is the best: Intel or Ryzen?” — Specifically, for gaming purposes, Ryzen processors are better than Intel Processors; However, the difference is very subtle. You may also choose Intel Processors if they are providing a good combo.

Graphics Card:

Graphics Card is one of the most vital parts of a Gaming PC. So if you ask what gamers love more than RGB lights; Indeed, The answer will be the high-end graphics card.

The Graphics card supports your PC to provide extra efficient performance and display quality without lagging and freezing the gameplay. The more you pay for Graphics Card, so the more you will see your game running smoothly.

Nvidia and Radeon Graphics cards are very famous and high in quality. So, do not forget to check the Graphics Card Brand name.

If your chosen Gaming PC has a high-quality graphics card and you agree to it, you can go for it.


It doesn’t matter that you have a core i9 processor and GTX Titan Z if you do not have sufficient RAM. Therefore, RAM is also the essential thing that you must check while buying any Gaming PC.

You must need at least 8GB of RAM for playing PUBGM only; However, High Graphics games require at least 16GB RAM.

DDR4 and DDR5 RAMs are the most famous for gaming purposes. Having enough RAM for your PC will never freeze your PC while playing any exciting gameplay with your girlfriend.

Hence, You should look for a Gaming PC that has at least 8GB of RAM.

 Storage: SSD or HDD?

Maybe you think that why storage matters for a Gamer. Storage also matters a lot for Gamers. You must have heard that HDD takes more time to respond and travel data while SSD does it in seconds: Thus, You should look for a Gaming PC having storage option of SSD Drives. SSD drives are faster than speed than usual.

Indeed, You do not want your games to load slowly; Therefore, a High amount of SSD storage is required to boost your gaming skills.

256GB of SSD is almost enough in this price range, and the list also has gaming pcs more than 256GB.

The motherboard connects all of the hardware: CPU, GPU, RAM, and Storage Devices. It may be possible that you have enough RAM, CPU, and GPU, but you do not have a quality motherboard that transfers data less than the turtle’s speed.

Your chosen Gaming PC should have a prominent motherboard, and it should be positively rated by its buyers.

Network Connectivity is also matters while buying a prebuilt gaming PC. First, you must check the connectivity option: Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

If you want to add more RAM in the future, you should check RAM slots and RAM compatibility. Similarly, There are a lot of things that you can study while choosing any Gaming PC.

Gaming Case:

Just after Graphics Card, Gamers love RGB Gaming case. So, If you are a gamer of this type, you must check whether the gaming PC is full of RGB light or bland.

There are also some transparent gaming cases with RGB lights and RGB fans, and they look damn during the night. Maybe you fall in love with them once you see them.

Along with RGB lights, the critical thing that you should ponder is SMPS or the power supply gate. For running high-quality GPU and CPU, you will require an extra efficient electricity system.

Yes, the One-sided transparent gaming CPU case looks incredible. But, You should check other sides’ quality too. You can verify the material of your chosen Gaming CPU case also.


It’s a norm that a Prolonging warranty also attracts buyers. A contract helps you to secure if any component damages automatically. But, then, The company is responsible for returning it after fixing or provide a new one.

Prebuilt Gaming PC sellers like HP, MSI, and SkyTech provide an extensive amount of time for the warranty of their products; Therefore, You should check the warranty of Gaming CPU to avoid any future troubles.


Hopefully, you have selected your prebuilt Gaming PC. Indeed, it is full of trouble choosing a suitable Gaming PC as there are many gaming PCs with the same performance and features. When things come to this stage, so Brand name and Buyer Reviews impact.

Your chosen Gaming PC should be able to run high FPS games without any lag, and it should also be able to process smoothly during challenging conditions. 

Moreover, it would be best if you read our Buying Guide and related FAQ’s so that you will able to pick the best Item from our 5 best-prebuilt Gaming PC under $800.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best prebuilt gaming PC brand?

Every brand is providing efficient quality by combining the best components; However, SkyTech, Dell, Crossair, and MSI are among the most entailing Gaming PC vendors of all time.

Are prebuilt gaming PCs worth it?

Yes, of course, Prebuilt Gaming PCs worth a lot. You don’t need to worry about installing each component. Vendors also look forward to providing the best combo of CPU and GPU at very reasonable prices.

Is 800$ good for a gaming PC?

800$ prebuilt Gaming PCs are more than average for playing high-end games, and also you can use them for high-end processing.

What is the best 800$ gaming PC?

It is a relatively more rigid question as it is tough for us to determine and verdict about the best PC. But, overall, The SkyTech Gaming Shadow PC is the best-prebuilt gaming PC under $800 on our list.

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