The GIGABYTE GA 990FXA-ud3 motherboard is made with an all-new socket design that's capable of supporting the latest USB technologies such as the latest Ultra-Speed USB interface standard. This allows for quicker data transfers when connecting devices such as digital cameras and printers to a computer. With its dual-port accelerated USB interface, this motherboard offers twice the amount of USB power available in other computer motherboards. And, to top it off, the GA series also features an internal OC Genie chip to ensure that the extra power is always available when needed.

The GIGABYTE GA series offers great sound quality in both gaming and music applications. For gamers, the onboard RealTek sound card helps create a realistic environment with superior audio quality. This is done through the exclusive AMD Power Mix technology, which allows for one of the best audio experiences available on a computer. In addition to this, the GA series motherboard also features the powerful GIGABYTE 8X headphone port, complete with a microphone input for wireless connectivity and an automated headphone volume control for real-time communication. Users can set up their own games through the innovative FireWire port, which connects the GA series to a home entertainment system.

When it comes to cooling, the GIGABYTE GA series is equipped with several unique features that help maintain performance levels at a premium. Using four fans and two heat sinks to provide cooling, this motherboard ensures never again will you have to replace a desktop computer because it's too hot to use. Also, the quad-core processor and built-in virtualization technology to help maximize the efficiency of your system while running several programs at the same time. With a huge 95% thermal efficiency, the desktop computer cooling fan is always working at full speed to keep your notebook PC at a constant temperature.


The Asus 970 PRO GAMING is equipped with top of the line components and is a great choice for a complete sound experience on the go. Built by Asus with the latest components and cutting edge technology, this card delivers on all expectations. The powerful graphics card ensures a visually intense gaming experience. With the new integrated cooling system and superior heat dissipation, the heat never bothers the gamer as long as they prefer to do their thing on the fast lane. The innovative and efficient fan controller keeps noise levels down to a minimum. With two-way adjustable fans and a variety of options for cooling fans, the Asus motherboard ensures your system has the best performance, while providing a rock solid platform for maximum performance.

With powerful new technologies such as M.2 and SATA Express, the 970 pro relies on a traditional design to deliver powerful performance. SATA Express connects the motherboard to the hard drives via a standard Serial ATA (SATA) port. With the m.2 slot, an advanced form of storage device is available, expanding the capabilities of the computer without having to purchase additional expansion cards. M.2 is an addition to the high speed interface provided by the SATA bus, and can transfer more data through a single cable than the older SFP. This makes the new m.2 slot an excellent choice when connecting a host of storage devices. The innovative and cost effective Thermal Transfer Force (TTF) technology handles power draw to ensure your graphics card or CPU does not overheat.

If you're looking for top of the line graphics, powerful processing power and ample memory, the ASUS 970 pro is definitely the machine for you. Its powerful and innovative chipset provides you with the most advanced computing performance available in a compact form factor. Built on the latest Intel platform, it is crammed with high-end features and makes use of the newest technology to boot. Crucial cooling is provided by the front-mounted heatsink, and there are four time slots for easy access to the hard drive. With an upgraded audio output, dual band Gigabit Ethernet support along with two USB ports and a Firewire port, the 970 is one machine that will make your work day go smoothly.


The ASUS M5A99FX PRO is the newest model in a long line of powerful desktop PCs from the Japanese manufacturer. It comes with two hundred and forty-five BIOS configurations that cover a wide range of different uses. Many of these options allow for overclocking, which has become quite popular as of late, especially for those who are interested in pushing their hardware even further. Overclocking your processor allows it to run much faster than its stock speed, without making any permanent changes to the motherboard or the computer itself. When in effect though, these increased speeds can lead to some drastic changes to your CPU's performance. If you are not careful, you can easily damage your processor so badly that it becomes unusable.

This is where uefi bios updates comes into play. By installing the latest drivers from the manufacturer onto your computer, you can disable the unnecessary components on your motherboard that will likely be rendering your processor extremely slow. By disabling all the unused components of the motherboard, you will be left with one single component that will be making all the other components run much more smoothly, as all of the unused hardware has been removed. The result is a super-powerful computer with all of the proper components that will allow it to run extremely quickly and flawlessly in whatever applications you may be using.

ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 motherboard also features what is referred to as the "World Design Language", which is a set of over fifty standard drawing formats. This feature allows you to draw in documents in a variety of different styles that will look great on the majority of computers out there. The bottom line is that this is a great piece of technology that will enable you to do many things with your PC that you could not do if your motherboard did not have such capabilities built in. If you are looking for a great video card and want to make the most out of your computer, then the R2.0 version of the ASUS M5A99FX PRO is definitely one of the best options for you.

ASUS M5A78L-M Plus

If you are looking for ultimate performance from your processor, then look no further than the powerful new ASUS M5A78L-M. This motherboard delivers powerful desktop experience through high quality combination of components and integrating functions. This motherboard supports unique L3 caches and offers enhanced overclocking features with much less power draw. It also features complete dual channel memory support and speeds through HyperTransport technology, allowing it to save more power than other traditional CPU's. The latest cooling fan controls the system, while also including a large number of customizable options such as multiple CPU colors, PCI Express speeds, system fans, and much more.

The latest model of this line supports a standard AMD AM Chipset that features standard voltage and has two sided heat sinks that are fully protected with metal coverings. It also has six USB ports and one FireWire port that allow it to be used effectively in most modern computers. One of the major features of this motherboard is that it supports overclocking with the all-in-one turbo function. It also has an advanced security control feature that allows users to turn off system sound, camera, and camera echo effects. It has an overclocking security feature that limits overclockers to a maximum of five percent of their maximum allowed voltage and allows a constant level of performance.

In terms of expansion devices, the ASRock laptop offers several options. The integrated card reader slot is capable of supporting both AGP and SATA cards. Two USB 2.0 ports and one USB port are also supported by this motherboard. Finally, for those who need additional cooling for their machines, a fan is included with the onboard mains. All these features make the motherboard a good choice when buying a laptop.

MSI 970 Gaming

The MSI 970 Gaming motherboard is the perfect option for any serious hardcore gamer. This model is equipped with all the necessary elements to make your gaming experience all the more thrilling and enjoyable. It is a high end design of an AMD FX processor, with four built in cores and eight gigs of RAM clocked at a powerful 7 GHz. You will also get a PCI Express slot and PCI bus slot along with a standard-sized PCI card, which can be upgraded when you need to. This means that all these components of the motherboard are configured in the way they need to be in order to give you the best performance. The MSI Gaming motherboard has a good range of features that is complimented by its unique design.

Unlike most other motherboards, the MSI 970 Gaming is equipped with the new msi oc series. The msi oc series is built on the same general principle as that of the standard oc series, but the difference lies in the level of quality that goes into making it. Built with the latest technology and packed full of features and oc quality, the MSI Gaming motherboard is one of the most impressive ones available. With four real-life fans and a cool running speed, you will have all the demanding conditions you would come to expect from an ultimate gaming PC.

If you want to get the best deal on your new computer, then the MSI Gaming motherboard is a must have model. This motherboard will allow you to maximize your potential with an amazing technology called overclocking. With the overclocking facility available on this motherboard, you will be able to get a processor that is two or three times the speed of the one you have. With the help of an overclocking facility, you will be able to run your system at overclock speeds that will make your system extremely efficient. By using the MSI Gaming model, you will be able to get the best possible performance out of your old PC and make sure that you have all the components that you require inside your system.

MSI 760GMA P34

There are many advantages of using an Intel equipped laptop such as the MSI 760GMA P34 motherboard. One of the best features is the Active Phase Switching technology, which helps to conserve energy on most motherboards by switching off the power supply only when required. The whole idea is to turn off the power source when no power is required, and once the machine needs more power, APS will automatically switch the power supply on. Now, with the latest technology, even when the laptop is idle, it will also automatically switch the power on and use less power. This is just possible through a clever new power control technology.

All MSI motherboards are designed with this new technology in mind, and they come with voltage indication sensors so that you can automatically know the power status. One great thing about the MSI 760GMA P34 motherboard is that it has been designed with the top-notch components and technology to ensure that you get the best performance every single time. It comes with standard voltage alerts, and even if your processor over heats, these temperature indicators will shut down the processor automatically and reduce heat dissipation. They are equipped with two fans to ensure that your cooling is not affected while you are working on the computer. There is even a BIOS chip inside which enables you to turn on or off CPU fans and other devices with a simple press of a button.

These are the very best features that a MSI motherboard has to offer. With the latest technology inside it, they are able to provide a lot of power and speed to your laptop, and at the same time, they do not make the use of the less expensive and more energy saving APA-series motherboards which most people tend to prefer. If you have a gaming laptop, or if you are looking for an option to replace a damaged one, then the MSI 760GMA P34 is definitely a great choice. At such a low cost, you can be sure that it will give you the very best performance and you can enjoy using your laptop in ultimate comfort.