After the expected attack on **graphics cards **by cryptocurrency miners, likely, a low-budget gamer can’t continue gaming.

We also talk about the rise of the gaming industry during the pandemic; however, this graphics card shortage is killing PC gaming’s future.

Developers around the world are taking no time to produce new games and updates. At the same time, the gaming industry is facing a GPU shortage more than ever. 

If the **GPU production rate **decreases significantly, then there will be a few gamers remaining.

A few months ago, we saw a slight decrement in prices. Nevertheless, again, the prices are increasing, and GPU availability is still at the point where it was!

Does graphics card shortage really kill gaming?

We saw a vast difference in sales of graphics cards when the shortage started. Moreover, due to the noticeable increase of bitcoin miners, a graphics card shortage was expected. This trauma literally makes gaming responses down.

How graphics card shortage is killing PC gaming?

The great GPU shortage affects average budget gamers:

When there is a shortage of GPUs, sellers start selling the available GPUs at expensive rates, which is extremely sad for a newbie. Likely, they have to leave the gaming hobby, which is not acceptable at any worth.

According to the report of PCGAMER, the sudden increase in prices made it impossible for average budget gamers to buy gaming hardware. Indeed, one can conclude that if the shortage continues, so it will kill the gaming future!

Out of stock GPUs: Manufacturers aggressive plan

Some researchers think that between the sales war between Nvidia and AMD, a lot of stock is saved by both manufacturers, which cause the massive shortage in the market.

A recent post of indicated that Nvidia trounced AMD again in the battle. Its summary shows us that during the pandemic, when the shortage was started, the sales of Nvidia increased by more than 83%. Ultimately, the price increment directly affects the gaming community.

The substantial reason for GPU shortage — Cryptocurrency Miners

It’s evident that the critical reason for GPU shortage is the significant increase of cryptocurrency miners over the world.

In order to mine bitcoin, premium quality prominent GPUs are needed in a noticeable amount. Later, the GPU power is used to mine bitcoins. This is the easiest way to get bitcoins, but it worths a lot.

Miners buy GPU a lot and exchange it periodically. Ultimately, as a result, it will affect the gamers who need GPU for gaming. According to the article The war between Gamers and Cryptominers by, it can be observed that the most substantial reason for the massive shortage is the war between Gamers and Cryptominers. Both of them require high GPU power, and, as a result, it led to out of stock of GPU.

Good news for newbie gamers: Nvidia could combat GPU shortage

Finally, there’s a piece of good news for newbie gamers so that they can also excel their gaming skills by the new upgraded version of RTX 2060. Rumours on the internet also revealed that it would have 12GB of VRAM.

Seeking from the news by TechRadar, it can be observed that Nvidia is looking to become the backbone of PC gaming as the shortage is likely going to kill PC gaming.

Gamers have been waiting for this gpu for many months; thus, Nvidia announced that there will be an upgraded version of RTX 2060!

Restocking GPUs: Nvidia finds that gamers may have to face the issue till 2022

Nvidia found that gamers may have to wait till 2022 to restock the RTX 30 series, which has not been available for a long time. Probably, more graphics cards will be produced till then. 

Overall, the stock will not be available till 2022. We recommend you look for other GPU options rather than leaving the gaming community. We also predict that prices will also go down till 2023. Hence, a high GPU can be possible to buy then!

An article from Esports Talk also reveals that Nvidia CEO is dissatisfied by the unexpected shortage; however, he is going to launch new and reasonable options too. But, for the RTX 30 series, it will take at least two years to be restocked.

GPU Shortage: Reality or Rumors on the internet

Concluding all of the above points, we can summarize that buying a GPU is not a suitable option now unless you need it urgently. According to marketing and statistical expertsthe rates of GPU may go down by January 2023.

Everyone can see that there’s an actual shortage of GPU, which kills not only the gaming industry but also nuances the excitement of low-budget gamers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the GPU shortage last?

In July, Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, shared his thoughts regarding the GPU shortage. He suggested that it will take at least two more years for graphics cards to remain constant at reasonable prices. Nearly, he wanted to say that 2023 will be the best year for gamers!

Will the GPU shortage ever end?

Some people think GPU shortage is never going to end; however, Nvidia suggests that it will be back to regular rates and availability by December 2022. The most prominent company for GPUs, Nvidia, is trying hard to make available GPUs as soon as possible.

Why is GPU prices so high 2021?

You can quickly see that the GPU’s price of $300 is now available for $600. Moreover, the outnumbered demand by gamers also makes sense for the high cost of GPU. This gives enormous rise to GPU markets’ prices.

Will the RTX 30 series ever be in stock?

According to stores, there is a considerable shortage of RTX 30 in the market. Mainly, it shows that either there’s a vast number of demands of GPU or Nvidia is not putting expected efforts for manufacturing RTX 30.

Is the graphics card shortage getting better?

The most renowned GPU vendor, Nvidia, already warned that there would be a massive shortage of GPUs that is going to happen in 2021. Nvidia also suggests that they are going to produce maximum stock by 2022. Till then, gamers have to face this traumatic unavailability.

Why are graphics cards still out of stock?

Yes! Graphics cards are still out of stock. This is happened because of numerous reasons: A noticeable increase of gamers also suggested that there’ll be some shortage. The other reason is that miners have also been increased, which ultimately minimizes the GPU availability.

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