Best laptops for Drawing and Animation in 2023

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Find the best laptop to use when drawing or animating. We have spent hundreds of hours putting these laptops to the test to give our top choices in this guide.

Excluding artists, most of us think of paper and pencil after hearing the word Drawing. However, Animation artists and graphics designers believe differently because there is a wide variety of best laptops for drawing and animation artists. So we are to acknowledge you about the 10 best laptops for drawing and animation. You should read ahead if you also want to buy a suitable but pocket-friendly laptop for designing. to find out which laptops are best for animators, graphic designers, and artists. A Gaming laptop with high-end performance is not suitable for an artist because gaming laptops lack the type of graphics cards which is required to meet the requirements of graphic designers or artists.

Although they have fast processor but still there are many other specifications that every good laptop should contain for making it the best laptop for drawing, animation and other graphics related tasks. So without wasting any time lets jump to our list of best laptops for drawing and animation. if you don’t know which one to buy then also read ahead. This will definitely help you in deciding which one fits your budget and requirement. We have listed best laptops and also tried to give you a broad range of options in different budgets so that you can choose accordingly.

Quick Buying Tips!

Finding a suitable laptop for yourself/your friend/family who does drawing and animation can be an extremely complicated task. It’s not like any other electronic item, where you can probably make do with anything as long as it works fine.

Processor: The processor is the most important part of any computer. It is the brain of the computer. It determines how fast your laptop will work. Faster processors can lead to faster rendering and processing time for all sorts of tasks like drawing, animation, video editing, etc. The only downside with a good CPU is that it leads to increased power consumption which affects battery life. If you are not going to carry your laptop around much then don’t worry about this factor.

RAM: It stands for random access memory, which determines how many programs or apps your computer can run at one time without crashing the system or slowing down the whole system by sharing resources between multiple programs/apps running in the background. More RAM means more running apps without compromising performance. One more thing to remember is that not all programs are RAM hogs, so if you are thinking of buying a laptop with 8 GB RAM for rendering animation or video editing then it’s not needed. 2-4GB should be good enough for basic work. Your laptop will mostly use the RAM as temporary storage while performing memory-intensive tasks like heavy gaming or rendering 3D videos. Those tasks have their own dedicated GPU chips which don’t utilize the system resources hence freeing up system resources for other apps/tasks running in the background. If you’re getting a decent CPU then it doesn’t really matter how much RAM is there inside your laptop.

Storage: Storage drives come in various types like Solid State Drives (SSDs), Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), and finally, the most recent one is the Hybrid Drive. SSDs are faster compared to HDDs when it comes to reading data from them but they’re very expensive. They do not need any moving parts and hence they consume less power and also run much cooler than HDDs. An HDD provides you with more storage for your work than an SSD but remember that a bigger drive means slower read/write speeds so if you require raw speed then get an SSD even though it may cost a little extra money.

Graphic Card: GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, which is the hardware that is responsible for rendering all those fancy graphics on your screen. Every laptop comes with a GPU of its own but not all are good at rendering 3D images. Usually, integrated GPUs are weak and can’t handle very intensive games/software well so it’s better to get a laptop with an external graphic card. External graphic cards are expensive which means most people won’t be able to afford them or they’re underpowered for high-performance tasks like video editing/rendering 3d content etc. If you’re buying a laptop that already has an external GPU then make sure it’s compatible with your system before buying it because some laptops have proprietary hardware components which work only with their computer systems.

Our Recommendations Best laptops for Drawing and Animation

Lenovo Flex S14

Lenovo laptops are considered the best laptops for illustration and animation and gaming, and everyday work. Lenovo’s best-produced laptop for drawing, Lenovo Flex s14, is among the best laptops for drawing. You can do your drawing work on this machine without any problems and difficulties.

It is also reasonable in price with a wide variety of premium features. You can expect quality work with this quality laptop, specially designed considering drawing artists’ needs.

Moreover, It is also high in specs; If you have an average budget and you need a long-warranty supportable laptop, then Lenovo Flex 14 is the best choice for you. 


Processor(CPU) — Lenovo Flex S14 is among the best laptops for drawing; indeed, Its CPU quality should be high. Lenovo provides AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor for its Flex S14 laptop. 

GPU — For displaying a UHD colorful display, GPU matters a lot. HD display also takes place for drawing and animation. The Lenovo Flex S14 comes with AMD Integrated Graphics Card. It provides excellent quality in this price range. 

RAM — It is considered best when it comes to providing a massive amount of RAM. Lenovo Flex S14 has 16GB DDR4 RAM, which will ultimately help you open multiple apps instantly.

Storage — Although it doesn’t have a decent storage option, it gives you 256GB of SSD storage; however, if you need more, you can easily upgrade. 

Motherboard and other Components — The most exciting feature of this board is that it comes with a digital pen; moreover, Its gray paint look is fantastic. Connectivity options are also at their peak. You can also imagine a 360-degree foldable laptop, especially while drawing. 

Display — Display is also a thing that attracts drawing artists. Every digital artist wants to have a regular screen size for drawing; thus, you will have 14 inches HD 1920×1080 display. 

Warranty — Lenevo Flex S14 is also offering up to one year of support. You can avail of this feature if you find flaws in your laptop.

Core Feature:

It can be folded to 360-degree so that you can quickly draw your arts with a digital pen.

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