Best Keyboards for Gaming under $100

Moreover, If your budget is $100 and you are planning to buy the best keyboard for gaming under $100, so you read ahead.

Maybe you think that having RGB Fans and an RGB CPU Case is enough for gamers; However, the reality is quite different. Once, Gamers plan to build up a Gaming PC. Primarily, they also buy Gaming Keyboards, Mouse and Headphones; Moreover, If your budget is $100 and you are planning to buy the best keyboard for gaming under $100, so you read ahead. We’ve researched and found the 5 Best Keyboards for Gaming under $100.

One exciting thing that you should know about the psychology of gamers that they spend more money on gaze instead of upgrading their CPU performance. Thus, you may choose a keyboard on a low budget; Nevertheless, it depends upon you that you can go for it if you like the beautiful RGB lights keyboard.

Fortunately,** many gaming **keyboards are in the market by prominent brands; For Example, Razer, Corsair, and Redrag on are the most famous and premium gaming accessories providers. If you want to buy a high-quality and superior Gaming mechanical keyboard with a prolonged warranty, you should buy Keyboards from the brands mentioned earlier.

Best Keyboards for Gaming under $100 Summary

Award Image Model Price
FIODIO Wired Gaming Keyboard	FIODIO Wired Gaming Keyboard See On Amazon
ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard See On Amazon
Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard	Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard See On Amazon
CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO Keyboard	CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO Keyboard See On Amazon
HyperX Alloy Elite 2 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard	HyperX Alloy Elite 2 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard See On Amazon

Our Recommendations Best Keyboards for Gaming under $100

FIODIO Wired Gaming Keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)

FIODIO Wired Gaming Keyboard


The color-changing RGB lights feature is the best feature of this keyboard at this price range.

Its installation is easy as pie: Plug-n-Play


It doesn’t have a wireless feature.

FIODIO Wired Gaming Keyboard is something that you are seeking in this article. It is among one of the best and cheapest keyboards of all time. Usually, in this price tag, RGB Mechanical keyboards are not expected; However, FIODIO, with its best features, is available in markets at a meager price. If you are a low-budget gamer and still want an RGB gaming keyboard, indeed, it is made for you.


Connectivity — Checking gaming keyboard connectivity is a must for you. It is a wired keyboard with a USB cable, so you can quickly insert it on your gaming beast. 

Lights — We know what you want. RGB lighting effects on your gameplay streams? — This gaming keyboard comes with RGB lights that look damn during the night.

Installation— You may think installing hardware is tricky; However, It just needs to be plugged in and be played automatically.

Minor Details — It has 104 keys, of which 26 keys are conflict-free keys. The best thing for you is that the keys are quiet. It’s rectangle in shape, and you may have experience of using this type of keyboard.

Warranty — This gaming beast comes with one year of official warranty by the new but the most selling vendor — FLODIO 

Core Feature:

Despite being the cheapest, It also provides a combo with a gaming mouse.

ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)

ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


RGB lights provide over 16.8 Million different but beautiful colors.

You can easily install this gaming keyboard by just plugging it in.

Very Attractive Look.


It is not designed for low-budget users.

It is not designed for low-budget users.

Maybe you think that ROCCAT is new to the gaming market; Surely, It’s a new brand, but it is generating the highest gaming goods sales of the year. ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is in peak itself. It is among one of the most attractive keyboards of the era. For an average budget gamer, It is the best choice ever. 


Connectivity — You can connect the Roccat Pyro Mechanical keyboard with a USB wire. Although The world is following wireless goods more, they can’t compare its attraction and other quality features.

Lights — Excitingly, The ROCCAT Pyro gaming keyboard comes with great settings of RGB lights. You can also manage this setting as it is facile to do.

Installation— Installing the famous Roccat Pyro gaming keyboard is effortless. It also doesn’t require any driver and software. Just plug this gaming beast and enjoy your games.

Minor Details — It has Aluminum top durability; Moreover, Its keys are designed tactile for faster gaming speed. It has around 104 keys. The lifespan of these keys is 50 million keystrokes per switch.

Warranty — This keyboard also comes with an extended time warranty. You will have around one year warranty to return this product if you find some flaws. 

Core Feature:

It is premium in quality and designed especially for better gaming performance.

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard


It can generate up to 16.8 million RGB colors that look awesome during the night.

Its keystrokes are made for maximizing the gamers’ comfort.


Similar to Roccat Pyro, It also covers more space than usual.

The most reliable, Razer, is mainly known for its compatibility and high quality. Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard is also a good gaming beast. Specifically, Average and low budget gamers can easily avail this masterpiece. It is also easy to install and easy to use too. Its design is likewise a regular keyboard. You may also use this keyboard for other purposes. 


Connectivity — Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard can be connected with your PC with a USB cable. Remarkably, They provide the best quality in this price range.

Lights — This gaming keyboard is also renowned for its customizable RGB lights feature. You can customize the speed of RGB lights, direction, and more. Indeed, This feature is usually not available in this price range except for this gaming board.

Installation — The Razer Ornata is also easy to install because of its wired connectivity option. Some people prefer the wireless keyboard of this model; However, this product has also generated positive reviews.

Minor Details — It also has many little features; Likewise, It can last up to 80 million clicks per key.  You can also program the keyboard for executing multiple commands. It also provides a wide variety of 16.8 RGB colors.

Warranty — Razer, the most selling and prominent brand, offers one year of noticeable warranty for this gaming keyboard. If you are an old gamer, then you must know the quality master name Razer. 

Core Feature:

The best feature is its brand name; indeed, You can’t deny Razer products if you are a true gamer.

CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO Keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)



It is the best gaming keyboard in this price range.

It also has media and audio buttons on the board.

Its RGB lights help you to beat your friends during one-to-one PUBGM matches.

Its RGB lights help you to beat your friends during one-to-one PUBGM matches.


It covers more area because of rubber palm.

It doesn’t have any wireless connectivity feature.

Every time, Corsair offers expensive gaming accessories; However, this time, it seems different. Corsair K55 RGB Pro Keyboard is among one of the cheap product of all time. This interesting that you should know about it is that it provides top-quality despite this price range. It also has different exciting features that people think that Corsair won’t offer, but they did. You can also enjoy your PUBGM gameplay with its damn cool RGB lights. 


Connectivity — Being low in price, Corsair provides a wired keyboard for Corsair K55 RGB Pro Keyboard. You can plug it into your PC with no effort. Hence, Its connectivity option is straightforward and pleasing too.

Lights — It seems unrealistic for you that Corsair is also providing significant RGB lighting effects for its Corsair K55 Keyboard. It looks fantastic during the night.

Installation— Although, It’s an old version; Nevertheless, It doesn’t require any drivers and software installation. You can just put its USB connecter and start using this gaming beast.

Minor Details — It also has excellent minor features that you should know. It comes with tactile keystrokes, which are very comfortable and provide a soothing effect during long gaming competitions; Furthermore, You can also program yourself its RGB lights feature. Its black color also gives a shiny effect to the board.

Warranty — Despite giving such premium features to a low-price gaming keyboard, Corsair does not compromise with the warranty time; Therefore, It remains the same as the mentioned keyboards earlier. 

Core Feature:

Many excellent and premium features, but the best one is that it provides superior comfort to gamers with its detachable rubber palm.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Image credit: Amazon)

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Its RGB lights are terrific; Moreover, You can customize them with your codes.

Its keys are made especially for gamers: Tactile and Faster

You will have around one year of warranty after buying this gaming keyboard.

You can easily install this keyboard on your PC with its USB wire.


It is costly and not a suitable option for low-budget buyers.

It also covers a lot of your table’s area.

If your budget is so high that you can buy this highly gaming optimized gaming beast, you should go for it. It is a bit expensive gaming keyboard, and if your budget is not that high, you can’t go for this gaming product. Maybe you don’t hear the name HyperX; however, you’ll tell everyone about this diamond after buying this gaming box. It is also among one of the most expensive keyboards. Furthermore, Many famous gamers use this keyboard. HyperX Alloy Elite 2 itself is an excellent keyboard with numerous features. 


Connectivity — HyoerX Alloy Elite 2 is only one connectivity option. You can connect this gaming keyboard with your PC or Laptop via USB cable; Hence, It is straightforward and fast in terms of connectivity. It provides zero lag and also compatible with your gaming machine.

Lights — Because of the high price, It should provide highly optimized and customizable RGB lights; Thus, It comes with customizable RGB lights. You can put code yourself and create your pattern. It also has an extended range of 16.8 million colors.

Installation— Installing the HYPERX Alloy Elite 2 is also feasible; The procedure is the same as mentioned above. You can expect this feature because of its high price. You just have to plug in the USB cable, but wait for a millisecond; Then, you are ready to play your first game with this gaming keyboard.

Minor Details — The best thing is that it is made similar to regular keyboards, so your typing speed won’t be decreased. You can easily change the luminous RGB lighting effects. There is also a Media key and also a Volume wheeler. The solid steel frame also provides excellent durability.

Warranty — HyperX also supports as above ones. You can rely on this brand, as we only gathered high-selling brands with top positive reviews. One year warranty for this hot gaming keyboard is also a great feature. 

Core Feature:

It has mainly designed for providing gamers a keyboard in which they can play games faster without being tired because of its ergonomic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smaller keyboards better for gaming?

This is a personal experience that what keyboard you like: Small keyboard or a larger one. If your hands and fingers are experienced for more prominent keyboards, you should use larger keyboards for gaming; Indeed, more prominent keyboards are more feasible for gaming than the smaller ones.

What keyboard is best for gaming?

It is a relatively tricky question as it is tough for us to determine the best gaming keyboard. But, overall, The CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO is the best gaming keyboard under the $100 price range.

What defines a Gaming Keyboard?

Many people think a gaming keyboard is just about adding some RGB lights inside; However, A Gaming Keyboard is designed a little differently than a regular Keyboard; Moreover, gamers require fast actions during playing games.

Can I use a normal keyboard for gaming?

Gaming doesn’t require a Gaming PC; However, Gamers worldwide made a tradition of using RGB Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming purposes only. Thus, you can use any keyboard for gaming.

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