Best AM3+ CPUs

The AMD AM3+ CPUs are great for a variety of applications. From gaming to work, the Best AM3+ CPUs have something for everyone.  However, their reputation is slightly tarnished by the fact that its predecessor line – the AM3 – was known to be incompatible with many motherboards. Did away with the aging DDR2 memory and integrated the memory controller directly onto the CPU package. This allowed for greater speeds, lower latencies, less power consumption, better overclocking abilities and overall performance. While there are other differences between these two sockets, only users who are looking at stepping up their CPUs will have reasons to upgrade from an AM3 based CPU to an AM3+, while everyone else will find themselves sticking with the AM3, at least for some time.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick AMD FX-8350 Black Edition AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

High processing speed

High number of cores and threads

Overclocked to further increase performance

Most Popular AMD FX-6300 Black Edition AMD FX-6300 Black Edition

Unlocked so it can be overclocked

Boasts 6 cores which makes it incredibly fast

AMD Turbo Core technology

Budget Pick AMD FX-9590 Black Edition AMD FX-9590 Black Edition

Cutting edge technology allows for faster

Better gaming experience

3 year warranty ensures your product is protected

The biggest decision you will need to make when choosing a new AM3+ CPU is whether or not you want a Black Edition. A Black Edition, simply put, is one that can be easily overclocked using nothing more complicated than the BIOS of the motherboard – no fancy software or soldering will be needed. If all you are looking for is a relatively cheap performance boost, then a stock speed one would do just fine. If you’re going to go with a stock speed version however, even if it means spending some extra bucks on cooling and voltage regulators , getting your hands on an unlocked one might save you some headache down the road – so there’s always that option open to you. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best AM3+ CPUs out there. This will allow us to determine the best of the current line up and aid users in making a good purchase decision.

Best AM3+ CPUs Summary

Award Image Model Price
Best Premium AM3+ CPU AMD FX-8350 Black Edition AMD FX-8350 Black Edition See On Amazon
Best Overall AM3+ CPU AMD FX-6300 Black Edition AMD FX-6300 Black Edition See On Amazon
Best Flagship AM3+ CPU AMD FX-9590 Black Edition AMD FX-9590 Black Edition See On Amazon
Best Black AM3+ CPU AMD FX-8320 Black Edition AMD FX-8320 Black Edition See On Amazon
Best Performance AM3+ CPU AMD FX-8370 Black Edition AMD FX-8370 Black Edition See On Amazon
Best Bulldozer AM3+ CPU AMD FX-4300 Black Edition AMD FX-4300 Black Edition See On Amazon
Best AMD AM3+ CPU AMD FX-9370 Black Edition AMD FX-9370 Black Edition See On Amazon
Best Gaming AM3+ CPU AMD FX+8300 Black Edition AMD FX+8300 Black Edition See On Amazon

Our Recommendation for Best AM3+ CPUs

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

Best Premium AM3+ CPU


High processing speed

High number of cores and threads

Overclocked to further increase performance

Simple installation process


High power consumption

Large amount of heat is produced during operation

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition is the latest and most powerful release from AM3+. The 4.0 GHz clock speed makes it one of the fastest in its field, and at a price point that’s affordable for both gaming enthusiasts and professionals alike. It has an easy installation process so you’re up and running in no time flat, making this processor your best choice when you need top-of-the-line performance with unrivalled efficiency. It may be difficult to choose between this product and other similarly priced processors in the market, but with their high clock rates and specs that can’t compare to our many unparalleled features; there really can be only one winner: AMD FX 8350 Black Edition.

Having 8 physical cores, it’s able to simultaneously process over 24 threads. The AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology uses the extra cores in order to increase the clock speed when required, making this product far more efficient in comparison to processors that have fewer cores. This processor comes with an unlocked multiplier that enables easy overclocking for further performance gains, but if you’re not into that then everything else about our product will be enough on its own. It features 16MB Level 3 Cache which is an impressive amount of memory especially when considering how fast your PC can access it via the 4MB Level 2 Cache and the 8MB Level 1 Cache. If you do not yet understand these technical terms don’t worry because they are designed for professional users and do not concern you in the slightest if you just want a high-performing product that’s going to meet all your needs.

However it is considered as the Best Premium AM3+ CPU that can handle current games and software without any problems, but we include our very own Never Settle: Space Edition with it so you’ll be able to play around with some of the latest titles without having to upgrade your GPU or RAM for a long time yet. You’ll be delighted with how quickly and easily everything runs: this product is fully capable of keeping up with even the most demanding gamers out there. We guarantee that if you’re an enthusiast then no matter what kind of applications you throw at it this processor will be able to cope effortlessly; making it one of the smartest investments you could ever make.

Just looking at AMD FX-8350 Black Edition you can tell that it’s an efficient product, but don’t let its good looks fool you because this is one powerful unit! You won’t have to worry about overheating issues or clock speed drops even if you’re running intensive applications so your work will never be interrupted due to glitches. We’ve included all of the latest technologies in order to ensure that not only does this processor offer nothing short of excellent performance; but it also has the ability to control power consumption in all circumstances, resulting in a long lasting battery life when used with laptops and other portable devices. The 9MB L2+L3 Cache also ensures that even when your PC is ‘idle’ it automatically conserves energy which reduces your electricity bills and eases the strain on the environment. AMD FX-8350 Black Edition is not only an efficient product but it’s also eco friendly; making it one of the most forward thinking products available today.

AMD FX-6300 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-6300 Black Edition

Best Overall AM3+ CPU


Unlocked so it can be overclocked

Boasts 6 cores which makes it incredibly fast

AMD Turbo Core technology

AMD FX Series 32nm Technology Design

Making it highly efficient


No actual cons.

AMD FX-6300 Black Edition is an amazing computing with AMD’s latest, and most powerful microprocessor to date, the desktop AMD FX-Series Black Edition line has debuted with specifications designed for aggressive multitasking. Capable of running up 8 simultaneous devices with ease or more if your tasks are lighter, this second generation Bulldozer architecture is based on years of refinement and optimization created by an international repository of designers and engineers working together to provide a highly competitive PC experience. Designed from the ground up on a new 32 nm silicon fab process for elite performance at affordable prices, plug it in today and see what you can do.

Looking at the Best Overall AM3+ CPU, AMD FX-6300 Black Edition is the ideal choice. Experience an unheard of multitasking performance from a processor that can handle massive workloads with ease thanks to its total computing power of 6 cores, each capable running at speeds up to 4 GHz. This lets you run simultaneous applications without discrete graphics card and still have speed left over for other tasks. Everything happens faster on this chip with AMD Turbo Core technology so you can squeeze every ounce of performance out of your PC even if it’s only equipped with mainstream components. And yes, AMD FX-6300 Black Edition works on all AM3+ motherboards so upgrading your system has never been easier.

AMD FX-6300 Black Edition is just like any truly elite processors intended for PC enthusiasts and power users, it comes with an unlocked multiplier to let you unleash its full potential by simply clicking a button to increase clock speeds over those achievable using traditional methods, while still maintaining perfect stability. Also included is the AMD OverDrive technology which enables quick and easy control over your system’s parameters so you can squeeze every bit of performance out of your PC when you need it most. Unleash this processor’s overclocking ability and see how great the second generation Bulldozer architecture really is.

When equipped with AMD FX-6300 Black Edition, the AMD Turbo Core technology allows you to enable Precision Boost clock speed control. A feature designed to optimize performance for more demanding workloads with extremely fast response times needed by advanced applications like graphics, audio or video processing. It goes without saying that this is an exceptional processor for gamers and professionals alike. AMD FX-6300 Black Edition is the ultimate virtual reality ready processor thanks to its incomparable computing power. Experience fast response rates, even while playing intensive 3D games, rendering or other graphically demanding tasks, so you won’t be left behind by the competition when it comes time to upgrade your rig’s capabilities.

AMD FX-6300 Black Edition also supports up to 32GB of DDR3 memory which enables lightning fast speeds that are more than double that of any traditional desktop PC. With that much RAM you can run hundreds of simultaneous software applications without stuttering or lagging no matter how big their memory footprint. And if you ever need more storage space for additional media libraries or cutting edge games there are 6 SATA 6 Gbps ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports for external drives and peripherals. AMD FX-6300 Black Edition processors support AMD CrossFire technology so you can pair multiple GPUs together to boost graphics performance exponentially, just like we do with our flagship AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics cards – creating a virtual supercomputer that is unrivalled in today’s marketplace!

AMD FX-9590 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-9590 Black Edition

Best Flagship AM3+ CPU


Cutting edge technology allows for faster

Better gaming experience

3 year warranty ensures your product is protected


Not compatible with all motherboards

AMD FX-9590 Black Edition is the most powerful consumer edition chip from this architecture, designed to freeze your PC with an uncontrollable, violent rage. Boasting the highest capacity clock speeds of anything AMD has ever made. If you can’t run more than one frame per second on ultra-high settings in games like Battlefield 5 then this processor will make it possible for you to get that much closer to victory. A 3-year warranty ensures that even if something goes wrong with your PC while operating AMD’s best of the best, they’ll still help you out by sending someone out or replacing faulty parts! This is the PC experience you’ve dreamed of, so why not try it out for yourself?

This chip has more processing power than almost any GPU on our market today. It’s time to expand your idea of gaming with this hardware offering! Brand new cutting-edge technology allows gamers like yourself to play games on 4K monitors without below 24 FPS. If you have a 4K monitor, this chip will allow you to combine multiple displays into one seamless screen! A 2-year warranty ensures that your product is protected for up to half of the time you own it. The processor is Best Flagship AM3+ CPU, featuring clock speeds that aren’t just fast, but stable too! The new architecture allows this chip not just to handle heavy games, but also to work on video rendering and CPU-intensive programs without sacrificing quality when compared to similarly priced models! For gamers who demand only the best, this new edition features 3rd generation GCN graphics processors designed with DirectX 11.2 compatibility for stunning and fluid performance in games and videos alike.

You’ll also never need to worry about overheating, thanks to AMD’s innovative fan control technology, which will be sure to keep your hardware running just the way you like it. With nothing but focus on gamers, this chip has the highest yield per square millimeter of any processor. That means it can function at higher clock speeds than other AMD models without sacrificing performance. This chip is designed specifically to give you the best possible gaming experience while also not draining your battery or overheating like many comparable chips might do.

AMD’s advanced high-end processing power allows for hardware that truly changes the game! This cutting-edge technology reduces rendering latency by up to 32% compared to similarly priced hardware. Whether it be games, videos, whatever; using this hardware will allow you to enjoy an exceptional performance with less latency than ever before. This new black edition features 3rd generation GCN graphics processors which are compatible with DirectX 11.2. If you’re looking for the absolute best in graphics cards. Combined with an AMD FX series processor you’ll be able to perform tasks faster than ever, thanks to the combination of cutting-edge technologies.

AMD FX-8320 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-8320 Black Edition

Best Black AM3+ CPU


Processor has 4MB L2 Cache

8 Cores, 3.5GHz Clock Speed

16MB L3 Cache, Socket AM3+

64bit Support and 4MB L2 Cache


No cons have been identified yet.

The **AMD FX-8320 Black Edition **is a serious upgrade from the previous generation given its improved performance, efficiency, and stability. Buyers may be tempted to go for other brands with greater power output because their price point seems comparable. But what you lose in a higher cost per unit you get back in time saved by not having to constantly update your software and reformatting your system. This can save you countless hours of downtime, day after day. Putting that together with doubling the number of cores available on immediate take order means speed boosts unheard of just five short years ago might soon become commonplace.

This configuration is an excellent choice and its Best Black AM3+ CPU for users who use heavily-threaded applications and work with complex, processor-intensive multimedia files. Due to its extremely fast synthetic benchmark scores and excellent price point, we believe the AMD FX-8320 Black Edition provides great value. The AMD FX-8320 Black Edition Processor has eight cores and is a great choice for those who do intensive work. It offers extremely fast performance, given the benchmark scores it achieves. It offers better speed, efficiency, stability, and performance than previous generations of processors making it an ideal upgrade from older models. The AMD FX-8320 Black Edition Processor provides great value given its synthetic benchmark scores, eight cores, eight threads, a clock speed of 3.5GHz, and support for 32GB memory.

As such, we believe it provides excellent performance making it a good choice for those looking to upgrade from older models or build a new system altogether. This processor also has an improved heatsink that dissipates heat efficiently and offers compatibility with high-end cooling systems so you can further improve its stability and avoid random computer shutdowns due to overheating issues. It has trouble handling certain kinds of games if the specs are not met but still works reasonably well as an all-in-one solution for those looking to buy a gaming console. 

This is a good choice if you intend on using a slightly older CPU cooler. The one supplied with the CPU can dissipate heat well but newer models might require a more effective system than what the included cooling unit offers. For this reason, we recommend upgrading to at least an air-cooled high-end model if you plan on overclocking or running modern software that requires heavy processing. Its exceptional stability, ease of integration with other parts due to standardized interfaces, and eight cores make it the ideal choice for someone looking to upgrade their current system or build a new one altogether. As such, we recommend this processor for applications that are fairly heavy but not too demanding.

AMD FX-8370 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-8370 Black Edition

Best Performance AM3+ CPU


Great value for gamers

Strong performance for multi threaded applications

Cooler is quiet and effective

Overclocking headroom is excellent


High power consumption at full load

Heatsink installation may be a bit tricky

AMD FX-8370 Black Edition is the perfect processor for today’s needs. With eight cores, you already know it has the power to handle anything thrown its way. But with 4GHz max turbo speed Turbo Core technology, it can even overclock on demand to give you insane performance when you need it most. AMD also chose an advanced 22nm lithography which allows them to pack more power into less space without increasing heat output, meaning this CPU fights hard and cools easily. AMD FX Black Edition processors are designed to push the limit. Now you can unleash eight-core performance even further with AMD Turbo Core technology. Tap into some of the most advanced overclocking features available including 4GHz max turbo speed, 1GHz bus speed, and unlocked clock multiplier for more flexibility than ever before! With so much power at your disposal, it’s easy to see why this processor is just what you need for high-definition gaming or blazing fast multimedia content creation.

The included Wraith Cooler features a near-silent 400-RPM mode that keeps noise levels down while still delivering nearly 22°C cooling performance! When needed, the fan speed ramps up to keep this bad boy cool during intense load (up to an astonishing 3200 RPM) but still keeps noise levels down. This might be the least expensive eight-core desktop CPU on the market, and it’s compatible with motherboards using AMD’s Socket AM3+ interface. Installation requires a substantial commitment in terms of time and effort, however, so buyers should also plan to spend about 20 minutes reading the excellent manual before taking the plunge. It features an unlocked clock multiplier, giving it greater overclocking potential than CPUs that lack such capabilities. The CPU is very power-hungry at full load and produces a lot of heat, so buyers should make sure they have plenty of cooling capacity on hand before purchasing this chip. AMD’s Wraith cooler is impressive and keeps the CPU running relatively cool. The Wraith cooler is easy to install, but it’s expensive and given the FX-8370’s power draw, buyers should have a beefy power supply installed as well.

AMD continues to lead the way in terms of price/performance with its latest flagship processor for high-end gaming. AMD has brought forth the new Piledriver microarchitecture to update its older Vishera architecture while still maintaining similar traits that made it famous.  Now with an unlocked multiplier, improved overclocking is within every enthusiast’s reach. Out of the box, this CPU has a max turbo frequency of 4.3GHz which gives it plenty of room for any overclock you have in mind, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the potential is concerned. With eight cores, power consumption can get pretty high under certain conditions. Luckily AMD has included their new Wraith cooler with the FX-8370 which does an excellent job at keeping everything nice and cool even during intense gaming or overclocking sessions. If not already apparent, what makes this Best Performance AM3+ CPU so great for gamers looking to upgrade could be summed up into one word: “Performance”.

This FX-series CPU from AMD is a solid choice for enthusiast gamers who want to extract as much power as possible from their computer. The Wraith cooler is nice and quiet, the overclocking potential is huge, and the performance is top-notch. With that said, those wanting to do more than just gaming should probably look elsewhere as this CPU isn’t intended for heavy multitasking or professional applications. While not the best at anything, the FX-8370 does deliver high-end performance at an affordable price which we all know gamers love. It might not offer Intel’s efficiency but it brings enough of its own to make up for it with sheer performance alone! If you want a powerful gaming CPU without spending too much money on your build then this one will be sure to please.

AMD FX-4300 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-4300 Black Edition

Best Bulldozer AM3+ CPU


Inexpensive solution for gamers

Bundled with heatsink to ensure maximum cooling

DDR3 memory interface


Not compatible with some motherboards

AMD FX-4300 Black Edition is the perfect processor for all your needs. With an included 64 bit, 1333MHz memory interface, you’ll have no problem multitasking between large open programs. The ‘Bulldozer’ architecture gives you performance that simply cannot be beaten! And the energy efficiencies measures are second to none – not just on paper but in real-life use as well. Be green without giving up power. This is the ultimate in energy-efficient processors. Not only are you saving money when buying AMD, but you’re also doing your part to keep the environment clean. With power levels under 30 watts of electricity usage, this processor uses an incredible 20% LESS ENERGY than previous generations and comes with a cool new stock heatsink. 

AMD FX CPUs are Best Bulldozer AM3+ CPU thatwill get you ahead in business and give you fast responses when running multiple programs simultaneously. If you love multitasking, such as listening to Pandora while playing StarCraft II – then this CPU will get it done without breaking a sweat. This baby will handle over 100 threads without batting an eye! Sit back and enjoy your extreme multitasking experience. The AMD FX-4300 can run with the best of them. It works with any motherboards that use DDR3 memory and is great for not only office use but gaming as well. You’ll be able to play all your favorite games with ease on even higher resolution monitors without sacrificing power or speed.

In addition, it’s unlocked, giving you a little bit more overclocking headroom when you want a performance boost without making too many adjustments in BIOS. Get ready to break records! Since this processor has been released, there have been no issues reported which makes this an incredible value! Don’t delay – upgrade to one of these CPUs today and you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t buy AMD already. The AMD FX-4300 is the ultimate in energy Efficient CPUs – giving you an incredible 20% savings on your energy bill when compared to previous generations! Imagine what that’s going to do for your monthly expenses. You can get back some of the money you’ve been spending at Starbucks every morning and put it towards a new graphics card upgrade instead. 

This CPU is the perfect monitor companion! With support for up to 4 monitors, you can create a unique and engaging workstation or gaming environment. The AMD FX-4300 works with all the latest technologies so there’s no need for adapters or converters – simply plug in your new monitor and enjoy awesome HD graphics. AMD has made sure that the AMD FX-4300 has full compatibility with all their motherboards, making upgrading much easier than ever before! Not only does this processor have awesome power management technology that saves energy but it also comes bundled with an excellent heatsink – now you won’t need to purchase one separately! And since this CPU has been available in the market, there have still been no reported issues. This makes this processor the perfect option for new builds as well as upgrades.

AMD FX-9370 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX-9370 Black Edition



Unlocked multiplier for overclocking potential.

Two unique modes

Massive 8MB L2 cache


Very expensive

No low-end motherboard support

AMD Black Edition FX-9370 is a state-of-the-art CPU that dishes out frankly insane levels of power and responsiveness. Packing a staggering eight cores with a base frequency of 4GHz and maximum speed going up to an epic 4.4 GHz, it’s locked down by what has been called the fastest single-core processor in the world as well as one impressive thermal solution assembly that reduces airflow restrictions within your PC due to its generous CPU contact surface area. If raw horsepower is what you’re fancying best then look no further, for this beastly new release is just what you need. This CPU has been manufactured using the best components and latest technologies to make it 100% compatible with all essential hardware, making it one of the most powerful CPUs in the world

It’s also got an unlocked multiplier for better overclocking potential, plus two unique modes – standard mode (default) and quiet mode. The latter gives users greater power savings through a more relaxed fan profile; perfect if you’re looking to build a near-silent gaming rig. This CPU’s Thermal Design Power (TDP) is 220 Watts. There’s no doubt that this CPU is a veritable powerhouse and nothing less could be expected from the engineers at AMD – but remember, you won’t get far without an equally powerful motherboard to go with it. So make sure you’ve got something like the ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z (Socket AM3+) or Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 (Socket AM3+) for it; both of which are compatible with the latest technologies such as USB 3.1 Type C and M.2 storage options for ultra-fast data transfer rates.

Now that we know what type of hardware we want to pair our Black Edition FX-9370 up with, we can now consider this as the Best AMD AM3+ CPU whether we need more than just pure processing power. If we do then we’ve got to choose the most appropriate motherboard for our PC case and budget. The system cases that you can pick up today come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of specifications. AMD FX Black Edition Processors unlock maximum, unrestrained processing performance for extreme responsiveness you can see and feel. The most powerful eight-core desktop processor on the planet is also the highest-clocking eight-core desktop processor in the world. And when you factor in AMD Turbo Core 3.0 technology, you’ll find that no matter what kind of tasks you throw at it, it can deliver.

AMD FX Black Edition Processors come equipped with an unlocked base-clock multiplier that enables overclockers, gamers, and power users to crank their CPU speed to maximum levels – provided they’re using a motherboard powerful enough to handle it! The massive 8MB of L2 cache also provides some of the best throughputs you’ll find on any eight-core desktop processor. Even better, these CPUs are compatible with fast DDR3 memory modules (up to 1866MHz) so overclocking isn’t just possible, it’s encouraged.

AMD FX+8300 Black Edition (Image credit: Amazon)

AMD FX+8300 Black Edition

Best Gaming AM3+ CPU


Turbo Core Technology


Quad Core Processor



Not has many features

AMD FX-8300 Black Edition is exciting for gamers, graphic designers/artists, or anyone else who needs to run lots of programs at once. With eight processor cores, you can multitask effortlessly. Packed with CPU power, the AMD FX-8300 is at your service when you need it most. The powerful processor runs multiple programs simultaneously without breaking a sweat, making multitasking easy and simple. Get smart performance at an amazing price today. A cheaper processing chip doesn’t mean less performance. AMD FX-8300 delivers you even more speed with eight cores, 8MB cache, and turbo speed (up to 4GHz). That’s smart power efficiently designed for today’s generation of software.

Enable the high-quality viewing of Blu-ray 3D movies by connecting HDMI or DisplayPort display devices via the integrated ATI CrossFire multi-GPU technology on this capable processor platform. The result will be an extremely smooth multimedia experience. And let’s not forget it also delivers DirectX11 support, AMD Dual Graphics, and AMD EyeSpeed visual acceleration technologies. With a maximum memory speed of 1866MHz, the AMD FX-8300 Black Edition is primed for heavy compute tasks. Get more from your AMD FX-8300 today. AMD FX-8300 Black Edition is an ideal CPU for gamers, graphic designers, or anyone else who needs to run lots of programs at once.

AMD is making waves in the world of processors thanks to their Best Gaming AM3+ CPU that is highly innovative new stock called “FX”. The model being reviewed here is the latest in this line, the 8320 which has a default clock speed of 3.2GHz but can be boosted up to 4GHz when required thanks to ‘turbo boost technology. AMD has definitely made a name for itself in the world of CPUs with their AMD FX processors.

AMD gives you all the usual features you expect from a top-end CPU such as “Turbo Core”, which allows your processor to reach speeds of up to 4GHz; 8MB L3 Cache and eight cores giving you multitasking capabilities that will allow you to run any task smoothly and efficiently. AMD’s well-known Turbo Core technology means that this AMD FX-8300 Black Edition will produce even more speed than this already fast CPU due to the processor’s ability to increase its clock speed up to 4GHz when additional performance is required.


As you can see, there are a lot of different factors to take into account when looking for the best AM3+ CPU. We hope that this article has helped narrow down your search and provided you with some helpful tips on how to choose one.

If you still have questions about any aspect of these CPUs or anything else related to them. Our team would be happy to assist in any way they possibly can.

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